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I realize it can be difficult to reach out for help, or even to know where to start. 

As an initial step, feel free to email me directly at or using the Contact Me submission form, or call me. I will set up a brief phone consultation (10-15 minutes) with you. During this phone consult, we will briefly discuss the nature of your difficulties, what you are hoping to get from therapy, and ensure you feel comfortable working with me; I want to ensure that all clients I work with have a positive experience!   


CBT-based therapies are intended to be shorter-term. I typically see clients for 8-16 sessions, although this can vary quite a bit depending on the nature and complexity of the issues we are focusing on and your needs. The first session involves me getting more detailed information from you about your background and mental health struggles. During this initial session, we will also discuss your expectations about therapy and set concrete goals so we can monitor progress as therapy continues. As CBT is skills-based, we will focus on developing skills to help you better manage your mental health. As part of a CBT approach, we also develop between-session tasks/assignments for you to do; this typically involves taking skills learned in session and practicing them outside of session.  

Duration/Frequency of Sessions. Therapy sessions are 50-minutes in length and are usually on a weekly or biweekly basis, at least when starting out. This allows us to build momentum in therapy; session frequency is usually gradually decreased over time as you notice improvement or achieve your therapeutic goals.

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